Green Monster helps UC teach healthy eating

This story was so much fun to do. The kids were so cute, and the message so important. Obesity is a rising health problem among children, particularly those from from low-income families. The University of California has programs across the state trying to address this issue, with farm-to-school programs, nutrition education and research on the […]

Creating art at the Pai’na Paint Club

The evolution of my painting of the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge at the Pai’na Paint Club last week . It was great fun celebrating my sister in-law Debbie’s birthday. She’s an artist and put Gozilla in her painting. Ramie and Debbie’s husband Ken had more traditional rendering of the San Francisco icons.  

University of California Olympians Storified

[View the story “2012 University of California Olympians” on Storify] 2012 University of California Olympians Nearly 100 UC-affiliated athletes and staff took part in the Olympic Games in London. Storified by University of California · Mon, Aug 13 2012 11:41:34 UC students, alumni, coaches, trainers, doctors and staff represented the United States and countries from […]

University of California graduations Storified

[View the story “2012 UC graduations” on Storify] 2012 UC graduations Pomp and circumstance this summer from University of California campuses Storified by University of California · Wed, Jun 20 2012 18:53:48 Congratulations, new UC alumni! UC Berkeley UC Davis “I’ve walked around this big campus and thought, ‘Here I am learning to do something […]

Adjusting to multimedia, cameras and microphones

As someone with roots in print media, I got a kick out of this photo when I came across it on the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory website. It was taken when my University of California colleague Nick Strayer and I were videotaping interviews at the NASA Ames Research Center last May.