Offensive Fukudome shirts still for sale

Vendors outside Wrigley Field and on eBay are still selling shirts that have “Horry Kow” on the front and Japanese ball player Kosuke Fukudome’s name and number on the back. The shirts poke fun at Japanese accents using the familiar “holy cow” that the late Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray used to always use.

Baseball in Japan Not a Hit for Atlanta columnist

Even with all the talk of new media and the Internet, there’s still some dinosaur-like thinking out there in the journalism world. A good example is a sports column by Furman Bisher of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who laments about Major League Baseball playing games in Tokyo, “you know the guys who gave us Pearl Harbor.”

James Guardino shows off fantasy baseball trophy

James won our Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Plus league last year, beating 2005 champ Gavin Tachibana and a strong field. Congratulations, James, but enjoy it while you can. The bobblehead (or whatever Yahoo gives out next) is mine this season.

On the field at AT&T Park

Sunday was San Francisco Giants Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day, and my brother-in-law Ken crashes into the wall trying to make a great play in left field. Ramie and I, Ramie’s sister Debbie, and of course, Ken, took advantage of the Giants allowing season ticket holders onto the field after the game.