Photos from Big Island of Hawaii

Ramie and I had a great trip to the Big Island of Hawaii swimming with sea turtles, seeing a volcano, hiking to secluded beaches and eating good food. IPad and iPhone users, link to Flickr slideshow.

No Asians on Food Network

This video is funny but true. Lots of Asian food, no Asian people on the Food Network other than Ming Tsai, and his show isn’t on the network anymore. An aside: I saw Tsai, the East Meets West star, when I was celebrating my birthday at Alan Wong’s restaurant in Honolulu a few weeks back. […]

Experience in Chicago raises questions about stereotypes

My trip to Chicago last week for the Unity Journalists of Color convention drew some parallels the “Across Asian Middle America” feature in the Road Trip Issue of Hyphen, which hits the streets in August. Chicago is a great city and has a sizable Asian American presence, but it’s nowhere near Los Angeles, New York […]

My Top 10 (+1) list from Japan, Vietnam

A tourist junk sails in Halong Bay, Vietnam. More photos from Japan and Vietnam It’s probably not common to combine visits to Japan and Vietnam in one trip, but we did it. We had friends we wanted to see in Japan and Vietnam sounded interesting, so why not? There’s quite contrast between Japan and Vietnam. […]

Japan is exciting, bewildering

The jet lag is wearing off, but I’m still waking up at 5 a.m. Tokyo time. Ramie and I have been here almost a week and just got back from two days in Kyoto. Japan is a study in contrasts. Goth teens, maid cafes (waitresses acting dainty in French maid outfits), men in little girls’ […]

It happens in Vegas: change

The bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. My first visit to Las Vegas was in 1999. A buddy and I booked the best hotel deal we could find, and not knowing the geography, we ended up in the Stratosphere, at the far north end of the Strip away from most of the action. In […]

Penny Marshall flies Southwest

I was on the same Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank with actor-director Penny Marshall on Saturday. My wife Ramie and her sister Debbie spotted her at the gate waiting area, and at first they weren’t sure it was her. She was wearing sweats and a baseball cap, pretty normal looking.

Hawaii’s unique state

It could be the white-sand beaches. It could be the blue sea that calls you to jump in. It could be the warm tropical weather and the palm trees waving in the breeze. It could be a laid-back lifestyle. It’s all of these things that make Hawaii unique and make me feel so comfortable when […]

Almost out of South Africa

Our South Africa trip is winding down. Ramie and I (seen with the Three Rondawels rock formations along the Blyde River) are in Johannesburg now on our last day in the country. We’ve been to Cape Town and been in the bush country on a safari. It’s been a great trip. The aftermath of apartheid […]