San Francisco Giants tickets for sale

I’m part of a San Francisco Giants season-ticket partnership with three people, and two of us don’t live in Northern California, so there are plenty of tickets we can’t use that we must sell, hopefully to you.

The tickets are for View Box 313, row A, seats 10-11. These seats are in the front row of the upper deck behind home plate and have great views of the action on the field.

Prices have gone up and 2019 face values for individual tickets are $15, $24, $48, $75 or $123.

Please contact me if you would like to buy tickets or if you have questions.

Payments for tickets can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay or you can send me a check.

The Giants are moving toward paperless ticketing and charge extra for paper tickets. For this reason, if you want paper tickets mailed to you, please include an extra $2 for postage and handling. I encourage you to have tickets delivered through the Giants’ electronic forwarding system, which uses the MLB Ballpark mobile app (print at home is no longer an option).

Price listed is for both seats.


*March 26Mon6:45A’s$30 $15 SOLD
*March 27Tue6:45A’s$30 $15 SOLD
April 8Mon6:45Padres$30 $20 SOLD
April 9Tue6:45Padres$30 $20 SOLD
April 10Wed12:45Padres$30 SOLD
April 11Thu6:45Rockies$30 $20 SOLD
April 12Fri7:15Rockies$48 SOLD
April 26Fri7:15Yankees$150
May 10Fri7:15Reds$48 SOLD
May 12Sun1:05Reds$96
May 14Tue6:45Blue Jays$30 $15
May 15Wed12:45Blue Jays$48 SOLD
May 20Mon6:45Braves$30 $20 SOLD
May 21Tue6:45Braves$30 $15 SOLD
May 22Wed6:45Braves$30 $20 SOLD
May 23Thu6:45Braves$48 $40 SOLD
May 24Fri7:15Dbacks$48
June 11Tue6:45Padres$30 $15 SOLD
June 12Wed6:45Padres$30 $15
June 14Fri7:15Brewers$48
June 16Sun1:05Brewers$96 SOLD
June 24Mon6:45Rockies$30 $15 SOLD
June 25Tue6:45Rockies$30 $20 SOLD
June 26Wed12:45Rockies$96 SOLD
June 27Thu6:45Dbacks$48 $40
June 30Sun1:05Dbacks$96
July 5Fri7:15Cardinals$48 SOLD
July 7Sun1:05Cardinals$96 SOLD
July 18Thu6:45Mets$48 SOLD
July 19Fri7:15Mets$96
July 22Mon6:45Cubs$48 SOLD
July 23Tue6:45Cubs$48 SOLD
July 24Wed12:45Cubs$150 SOLD
Aug 5Mon6:45Nationals$48 $40
Aug 6Tue6:45Nationals$48 $40 SOLD
Aug 7Wed12:45Nationals$96
Aug 8Thu6:45Phillies$48 $40 SOLD
Aug 9Fri7:15Phillies$96 SOLD
Aug 10SatTBDPhillies$96 SOLD
Aug 13Tue6:45A’s$96 $80 SOLD
Aug 14Wed12:45A’s$96 SOLD
Aug 26Mon6:45Dbacks$30 $15
Aug 27Tue6:45Dbacks$30 $15
Aug 29Thu6:45Padres$30 $15
Aug 30Fri7:15Padres$48 SOLD
Aug 31SatTBDPadres$96 SOLD
Sept 9Mon6:45Pirates$30 $15
Sept 10Tue6:45Pirates$30 $15
Sept 11Wed6:45Pirates$30 $15
Sept 12Thu12:45Pirates$48
Sept 13Fri7:15Marlins$48
Sept 24Tue6:45Rockies$30 $15
Sept 25Wed6:45Rockies$30 $20 SOLD
Sept 26Thu12:45Rockies$48
Sept 27Fri7:15Dodgers$96 SOLD

Updated May 24, 9:45 p.m.