Meet some of the 245 APIAs running for office

There are more than 245 Asian Pacific Islander Americans running for office this year, the most ever, according to the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies. I highlighted some of the candidates and races in a story for the Center for Asian American Media’s blog.

Banana Writers interviews me about Hyphen magazine

I had a chance to reflect on my time at Hyphen magazine after Banana Writers, a website for Asian authors, contacted me to do a Q&A. Mostly I was asked about being part of a grassroots effort to publish a magazine. Answering the questions got me thinking about the hard work and long hours. But, […]

Add Bruce Lee to list of porn parodies

I blogged at Hyphen magazine about  a Bruce Lee porn parody that’s being produced. And while the pop icon probably is turning in his grave over being immortalized in an adult movie, the prospect does raise issues of race, sex and stereotypes, particularly of Asian American men. “Bruce Lee XXX: A Porn Parody” stars Keni […]

Food section debuts in Hyphen Inside/Out Issue

Food and Asian Americans are irrevocably linked. Much of this is due to  chop suey imagery forged by the likes of  TV chef Martin Yan or the perceived exoticness of Asian food and the explosion of fusion cuisine. Because of this, many of the stereotypes about Asian Americans come from food. It’s one of the reasons Founding […]

Are Asian Americans more prejudiced?

Interesting tidbit from a New York Times story about a study of interracial college roommates: Those who roomed with Asian Americans became more prejudiced. The Times article focused mostly on black-white relationships but this paragraph caught my eye: Several studies have shown that living with a roommate of a different race changes students’ attitudes. One, […]