Green Monster helps UC teach healthy eating

This story was so much fun to do. The kids were so cute, and the message so important. Obesity is a rising health problem among children, particularly those from from low-income families. The University of California has programs across the state trying to address this issue, with farm-to-school programs, nutrition education and research on the […]

UC Solar working to revolutionize sun power

My latest story for UC: Someday, solar power will provide all the energy homes and buildings need for electricity, heat and cooling. Scientists at UC Solar, a multicampus research institute based at UC Merced, are helping to make that day come true. Read more at the UC Research website. Read other stuff I’ve written.

Adjusting to multimedia, cameras and microphones

As someone with roots in print media, I got a kick out of this photo when I came across it on the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory website. It was taken when my University of California colleague Nick Strayer and I were videotaping interviews at the NASA Ames Research Center last May.